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♥ Catherine McNeil on the cover of Vogue. She's always been my favourite model. I still have the GF mag from back when she won the model search.. that seems so long ago. Earlier in the year I was invited to the Seafolly shoot where she would be modelling as the face of the campaign... when I realised I'd be away at the time I was dying. So wanted to be there!

♥ I loved this denim and light floral combo when searching through the styling rack at work. This is a MINKPINK denim shirt and MHQ thorn jeans.

♥ A really pretty top I chose to snap up while at the Somedays breakfast launch.

 I've been going sugar-free lately and my god it's difficult. I can get through about 5 days at a time completely without it but then I cave. It means from Monday to Friday I'm not the most joyful person to be around and I can barely lift my feet off the ground, but when I do have something sugary it makes me appreciate it sooo much more.. like this little snack of a Crunchie and Capp. The more days I get through without it the more I realise you don't really need it to get by.

 Another Somedays top from their latest collection.

 As part of my merchandising job, I take care of not only MINKPINK, but also Hunt No More, Staple The Label, SWIM by MINKPINK, MINKPINK Accessories, The Lost Girls, Paint It Red, Quirky Circus and Quirky Circus Swim. I run in and around Sydney to all different stores.. a lot of running.. and carrying about 20 hangers of clothes on my arms at a time. The best workout really! My favourite bit about it is creating a new display, or completely rearranging a section, and just standing there admiring it afterwards. Sounds weird but it's a great feeling :)

  One of the perks of my job... free samples! I think this MP dress ended up coming out as a shirt dress.

  ASOS cardi, Cotton On Body bra, Riders By Lee jeans, and MHQ sandals.

  The Russh titles are always the best.

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