Cotton Candy

forever new white lace top
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Here are a few little things I've bought recently. I went a bit crazy in Typo (as everyone does when you step in there) and got this pink notebook and a few other things to start off the year. On the counter at Forever New they had these Urban Rituelle fragrances I'd never seen before so I tested them all out and this one called "Cotton Candy" is the sweetest smelling thing ever. Found that my secret santa present was the same brand - a hand cream in Hibiscus & Cranberry (also really good). I spent quite some time last year trying to find a white nail polish that wasn't transparent and finally I found the perfect one - Sally Hansen "White On", available in Priceline. And lastly I bought this top from Forever New, one of those things that's just too pretty to walk past :)


  1. love this post. I'm your new follower!
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  2. TYPO!!!! Yes I got a red diary and got super excited about it, just like you did. I love the peachy colours you have there :)


  3. such a pretty top, i want one :) would look amazing with bf jeans.


  4. Lovely purchases :) I really like your top as well :)