A Day In The Life

6.30am - Kick starting the day with Clearasil as soon as I wake up
7am - Deciding what to wear. I love colours that compliment my hair colour and skin tone, so I usually go for tops and knits in burgundy, purple, pale pink, white, grey and black.
7.30am - Leaving the house in winter is always tough. I hate stepping out into the cold so layering up is a must.
8am - Out for breakfast with my boyfriend (french toast with strawberries, maple syrup and ricotta cheese)
9am - Catching up on the latest magazines as soon as I get to my desk at work.
11am - Taking behind-the-scenes shots of Kelsey Martinovich at Market HQ's weekly product shoot.
1pm - Selecting new pieces to show on Instagram
4pm - Work meeting discussing marketing ideas, new product coming in, sales and upcoming campaigns. But who can get work done with such a cute pooch on the table?
5pm - Finished work and on the way home. Quick chance to get an outfit shot to use on the blog later.
5.15pm - Decide to get an Instagram outfit shot while I'm at it too...
7pm - Onto the computer to get some blog work done
9pm - Out for a late night chocolate fix at Max Brenners

I was asked by the people at Clearasil to give you guys a look into a day in the life of me, so above is a little insight into what I usually get up to.

I think the way your day begins can have a big impact on how you feel for the rest of the day, so I like to get every day off to a positive start. As soon as I wake up I wash my face with Clearasil Daily Clear Vitamins & Extracts Daily Wash. It's really refreshing, and with avocado and Vitamin E it keeps my skin from drying out. I have a bit of a sweet tooth so it's good to know that if I go out for a big breakfast (or dessert) my skin won't break out.

Working full time at online store Market HQ means I'm constantly surrounded by clothes, models, designers, photographers and puppies... lots of puppies. There's always a photoshoot happening, whether it be our weekly MHQ shoot or a lookbook shoot for one of the brands. If I'm not taking behind-the-scenes photos on a shoot, I'll be on the ground flatlaying outfits, finding things to Instagram, at my computer making graphics on Photoshop, doing trend research or looking for new models for the website. There's always lots to do so by the end of a work day I'm pretty worn out.

I like to chill out for a bit when I get home. Make a cup of tea, read a magazine or watch tv. It's then time to get some work done on my own blog - answer the emails that pile up and search for new items to feature, inspirational images or create outfit collages.

Before I go to sleep I wash my face again with Clearasil's Daily Wash (twice a week I use the Scrub). It takes off my make up and leaves me with a clean face so I can wake up the next day ready to go again :)

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TO ENTER: Comment below and tell me about a time you could have done with a confidence boost.

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  1. I am hungry for French toast, strawberries and Max Brenner's waffles now - aren't they the best.

    I needed a boost of confidence when all my hair fell out due to chemotherapy. Yes, it was ‘just hair’ but a very demoralising experience as hair is one thing that defines us. The stares I got did my head in and it was hard to leave the house some days.

    I have never coloured my hair until 6-7 weeks ago , now it is growing back I feel 100% and my new purple tinted colour is turning heads …HOW COULD SHE ? It has given me a confidence boost.

    Next time I want to go HOT PINK when I run for City to Surf fundraising $1000 Breast Cancer Network Australia. I want to be hot pink - head to toe give me confidence.

  2. I needed and still need a confidence boost when I am going to a party or our clubbing and I am experiencing a major break out. It usually ends in a few tears... it is underrated how much a breakout can affect your attitude and confidence when going out, it can just ruin the night for you and hold you back from having an amazing time!

  3. Bad skin definitely brings me down,
    I would always wish to stay out of town,

    Pimples, scars, black heads too,
    What was I to do? I had no clue.

    I envied those with flawless skin,
    Not a blemish from their forehead to their chin.



  4. Exam period is always horrible, because the stress makes you break out. And also all the sweet and fatty food that you crave while studying. Finding the time to do a scrub or mask seems so tough, however it is a must. The morning of the exam, no one has time to apply make up to cover the break outs. So the most important thing is to make sure you cleanse your face every morning and night, which wakes you up and makes you feel so much better. This changes your whole attitude about the exam and can make you perform much better.

    You already have enough worries during exam period, don't make skin one of them!

    Sonia - soniaweirox@hotmail.com xoxo

  5. What a lovely round up of your day, and that doggy is so cute!

    If I could have a confidence boost for every presentation I have to do that would be fantastic! Nothing is more nerve-wracking to me than public speaking and all eyes on you! You feel everything has to be perfect for when you're put under that spotlight.

    Mica - awayfromblue(at)gmail[dot]com

  6. Two weeks ago. It was that time of the month - all I wanted to do was snack on chocolate and cuddle up under the doona. Instead I had to pull myself out of bed for exams, and of course that was the days when my skin decided to break out leaving me looking painfully like my 14 year old self. That was the day I could have desperately done with a confidence boost.


  7. Hi, I love the black boots and jeans you wear in this post. What brand are they if you don't mind me asking?

  8. I work 12 hour shifts in an intensive care hospital in a major hospital. It can be emotionally taxing. Unfortunately sometimes the way colleagues speak to me leaves me needing a confidence boost.

  9. My first half marathon after giving birth really saw me nervous. My hubby and the little one were there to support me and I could not have finished the half Marathon without the confidence boost.

  10. Hello!

    I need a confidence boost when I go out with my friends when my skin breaks out. Their skin is always so perfect and I would love to discover the secret to nice skin - as would some of my other friends. As teenagers, we put our skin through hell with makeup and the unhealthy foods we eat whilst socialising and under exam stress and we are constantly searching for that 'miracle' product that will solve all of our skin problems and as a result boost our confidence.

    Yasmin yaz_robertson@hotmail.com

  11. what a fabulous roundup to your day Vanessa...such a glamorous job you have :)

    Luv, Rachel