How To Wear | White Sweater

A white sweater has become one of those items I wanted so badly that in the space of a few months I ended up with three. I've featured this piece a few times lately, but thought I'd give a more in-depth look at what you can do with one and the best ones I've found online.

The outfit I tend to wear most would be the the black pants and black boots with a big statement necklace, mainly for going out. More casually, I'll wear one with blue jeans and white converse.

While putting this together I realised how much I need a chunky pair of sandals for spring/summer... so the hunt begins.


  1. a white sweater can be so versatile! it is definitely a must-hve for every wadrobe!

  2. Love white with denim :)
    I'm also looking for some chunky sandals for upcoming warmer weather (I hope)
    Let us know when you fid some xx