Packing for a breezy weekend

This weekend I decided to begin a travel series for those of you planning a trip away and need a little help packing your bag.

With Autumn fast approaching, this set includes a selection of items for a weekend away where the weather will be cool and breezy. For weekend trips, you really only need around four outfits. One for travelling to your destination, one for during the day on Saturday, one for going out Saturday night and one to get through Sunday.

I've included three bags - a weekender bag for packing, a handbag for the day and a clutch for the night. Clothing is neutral to adapt to all situations. A classic coat will get you through daytime and over a dress for a night out. Shoes are a personal choice, though sticking to two pairs is a great idea to keep your bag light.


x Vanessa


  1. Love these picks!

  2. great mood board for your travel series, obsessing over the trench coat up at top !

    Whirlwind Romance

  3. love love this. just came back from a trip, thisll be good to use in the future!
    xo adela