PersunMall Wishlist

Jumper / Jeans / Jacket / Small Bag / Large Bag / Sneakers / Boots / Bracelet / Sunglasses

  A few random pieces I'm loving at PersunMall, an online store I found the other night and have been scrolling through ever since. Best place for accessories!

x Vanessa


  1. I agree with Lauren, those jeans caught my eye straight up. I'm not sure about the Givenchy and Chanel rip-offs though. Don't get me wrong, I love it when designer trends hit the high street, but these are blatant rip-offs, no? It down plays the specialness of acquiring the real thing.

    Love all your posts girl!

    1. Thanks for commenting Kiara :)

      My opinion on replicas, from a purchaser's perspective (I won't get into from a designer's perspective), is if you like the style of a bag but either will never be able to afford the real deal, won't be able to afford it til it's not "the thing" to have anymore, or are someone who has many more important things to spend hard-earned money on than a bag (me) then I think they're perfectly fine.

      If you're able to acquire the real thing then you'll damn well know it and you will be proud to say it's real.

  2. i love the eiffel tower sweater so much, anything that reminds of me of paris is to die for.

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