Everyone has their little pile of beauty products they wear every single day, the above being mine. I originally snapped a photo of eleven items but I decided to cut it back to these favourite four.

Chanel Chance
My boyfriend bought this perfume for me in the USA and I've worn it every day since he returned with it. A strong hit of vanilla, jasmine and white musk, it's a typical Chanel scent that lingers all day long.

Aesop Hand Balm
On a trip to Melbourne I did a bit of shopping and decided to see what the hype about Aesop is. This hand balm is a little saviour in the evenings when you want to refresh your hands and smooth cuticles, creating effortlessly soft hands.

Australis Pressed Powder
My skin has always been slightly oily across my nose, so a pressed powder has been the solution to hiding this. I always wear a Covergirl liquid foundation then add this Australis powder (which I've used since I was in my teens) over the top to create a matte finish.

Victoria's Secret Body Spray
I can't leave Sydney airport without buying a few things from Victoria's secret. The whole Bombshell range has been my favourite with hints of passionfruit and vanilla, the best scents.

x Vanessa

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