Packing for the long weekend

When packing for the Easter long weekend, the weather is usually starting to get cooler and with that it's easy for your travel bag to be more packed than usual, with big bulky items taking up all the space.

I have a few tips for packing on this occasion. In terms of shoes, fall in love with a pair of heeled black boots that you won't mind wearing through day and night. Depending on what you're doing over your stay, getting through a weekend with two pairs of shoes means you can wear the bulkiest pair travelling while the other pair (preferably sandals) can tuck away into the bottom of your bag.

Camis are a saviour when it comes to saving space, easy to roll up or fold and flatten neatly. Along with that, scarves are also handy things to roll up for extra warmth. Two quality pieces of knitwear, two pairs of jeans (black can substitute a dress for going out), an evening blazer and a small handbag will all work perfectly over the weekend.

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