TREND | Slides

Cross strap slides have fast become the sandal of the moment for those on the anti-Birkenstock trail, or otherwise those who favour minimalist comfort, which seems to be a shoe trend in itself lately (eg. slides, sandals, sneakers). Made popular by the likes of Celine, Chloe and Isabel Marant, this choice of shoe once again sparks a love/hate relationship among those in the know, referencing shower shoes from the 90s or a similarity to the sandals your dad probably still wears to this day... I must tell dad he's a bit trendy. 

 x Vanessa


  1. Love this! Great inspiration :)
    I want a pair of black Birkenstock so bad!
    Kristina xx

  2. I think I'm definitely going to be picking up a pair for uni. They look so comfy!