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De Lorenzo products

You know when you visit the hairdresser for a cut or colour and while they wash your hair or finish it off with a spritz of something you start to think... I want what they use! It always smells so good. Salon products are the solution for when you're tired of using the same supermarket brands that either leave your hair too drab or dragged down, with product that is too full on. While they may be more expensive, with every use you'll realise that it was so worth it.

Over the past week I've tried a selection of haircare products by De Lorenzo. These plant-based products are 100% Australian made and owned (love that) and as the business says, "inspired by nature". The mix of earthy and sweet colours in the packaging make me want to fill my bathroom with these bottles.

Elements Extinguish Thermal Protection Spray
A must if you use a straightener everyday. This spray goes on before you dry your hair and will condition and protect when that hot iron goes over the top. To be honest I've never really thought to use a protection spray, but seeing how a straightener ruins my hair as it grows I'll be turning using this into a routine.

Nova Fusion Colour Care Shampoo - Chocolate
This is literally like a bottle of melted dark chocolate. It works to enhance the natural or colour treated tones in your hair, with this particular one for medium to dark brown hair. Perfect for when you have your hair coloured and want to prevent the colour fading too quickly. There are a variety of shades with different purposes available for different coloured hair.

Essential Treatments Infinite Detangler
If you're like me and feel as though half your head of hair comes out in your comb because of the tangles after washing it, you must get this. Spray it onto towel dried hair and then try putting your comb through... it's magic :) There are some other products in the ET range I'm really wanting to try.

Elements Sandstorm Dry Texture Spray
An alternative to dry shampoo, dry texture spray not only lifts oil from the roots but also creates volume if your hair is a bit flat. Something to try if you want to give your hair a bit of body!

Check out the De Lorenzo website for stockists :)

x Vanessa

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