Packing Ideas For Summer In Europe

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To Europe in the summertime... a trip full of sun, sights and serendipity. 

When packing for a couple of weeks away I would suggest choosing a colour palette and sticking with it. In doing this you'll be able to mix and match with ease. Midi or maxi skirts are easily rolled and the best idea for throwing on with strappy sandals and a tank for going out. Tees come in handy when all you can do is floor-iron. Limiting shoes to sandals and a pair of sneakers will save a lot of weight in your bag. Make sure you pack a hat!

One thing that's a must when travelling somewhere is purchasing a new fragrance especially for the trip. When you return, put it away for a few weeks and when you decide to spritz it again you'll be taken straight back to your holiday. Works for me every time.

x Vanessa


  1. Wow! This will be a huge help when packing for Paris this Summer!! Vanessa, you are amazing!!! Thank you so much for your posts :)

  2. I'm currently on a European summer trip, and these are definitely perfect pieces!

    Love, Greta

  3. great looks!