Fitbit Flex + How To Get Motivated

I'm all for finding ways to get motivated when it comes to exercise, because to be honest... my favourite thing to do is curl up in bed with a tv series and hot milo. And well, that's not too active is it :/
At the end of the day, being healthy means being happy so I know it's something that's worth putting the effort into. It's definitely not easy, but I have found a few things that seem to get me motivated...

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Tracker
This amazing device is my new techno bff. It tracks your activity during the day - how many steps you've taken, distance moved and the amount of calories burned. You can set a goal for steps (eg. 10,000) and it will show you throughout the day where you're at in achieving that goal. Not only is it waterproof, but you can actually track how you sleep during the night (since wearing it I've found how crazy restless I am) and set a silent alarm to wake you in the morning (which is so much better than a frightening iPhone tune). It syncs straight through to your computer or the Fitbit app on your phone or tablet. Seriously get one of these on your wrist and it will get you moving.

Nike Trainers
Nike will always be my exercise shoe of choice. Just looking at the logo sparks a voice in your mind saying JUST DO IT! Mine are the Nike Free 5.0 and soooo comfortable. A great shoe to get about in general really.

Voss Water Bottle
It's always so good after a run to come home to a cold glass bottle full of water. I got my VOSS bottle at Thomas Dux which is a gourmet grocery store. The bottle is quite big and holds 800ml, so getting through 2 and a half of these a day is the recommended daily water intake sorted.

If there's one thing that keeps you going when you're working out, it's MUSIC. Downloading your favourite songs and listening to them while you exercise is such a great distraction. With every song around 5mins each, by the time you get through your playlist you will have smashed half an hour of exercise.

x Vanessa

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