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With two weeks until Spring I decided to get a head start refreshing my apartment with a brand new workspace because let's just say, it's not the most inspiring place to work in. Don't even get me started on the walls (pale green?!?!). With the majority of my time spent working at home it's really important to me that I'm constantly motivated, inspired and pushed creatively. There's nobody but myself to keep me going in that regard so finding ways to get me "to work", even if it's just to the other side of my apartment is a must do. 
Last week I made a trip to Officeworks to make it happen. My boyfriend found a trolley and unfortunately for him had to follow me around for an hour or more because a) I can never decide on anything, and b) there's so much to look at in there! It took me a whole weekend to achieve the finished space but I absolutely love sitting at my desk now, even just for a cup of tea. With that I decided to create a video and provide some tips below on how to makeover your workspace if you're interested in doing the same thing. It's very worth it!
Firstly you'll need to find inspiration. I suggest jumping onto Pinterest and searching for Work Spaces or Desks and see what you can find. Check out the Work Space board on my Pinterest. Come up with a theme for your space - know your colour scheme and the overall look you're going for - I decided on acrylic, brown, black, white and a splash of green. You're aiming for a workspace that will inspire and motivate you to do better and work harder every day so put time into planning it out.
Next you can write a list of what you need to buy. The great thing about Officeworks is you can get so many items on such a small budget. I like to search their website pages from lowest price upwards to find the best prices on the items I'm looking for. When making over your space, sometimes it's the little things that really make the biggest difference. This can be a simple photo frame with a personalized print or pencil cups and trays to keep things neat and tidy.

This is the best part. Get shopping! Most of the items on the Officeworks site can be delivered straight to your door so if you don't want to get out of your pjs, nobody cares! Stay in them, and shop online :) I have to say though it's always good to see what you're buying in person to make sure sizes and colours are just right. 

Once you have all your items you'll need to clear your space. This will leave a blank canvas for creating something new. Throw out anything you don't need anymore, pack unused items into a box to store away and set aside the items you'll re-use in the makeover. Once everything is clear, give your desk a good spray and wipe to start fresh. 

Start by placing the main items into your space. For me this was my computer, printer, lamp and chair (ps Ive been seeing these Eames style chairs all over Pinterest, had to have!) Once you have the bigger items in place and any electrical cords plugged in and tucked away, it's easier to see what space you have left for the rest to fit in. 

My items: Chair $59 / Printer $66 / Lamp $32.85

Layer your desk with items that will add depth to the space. I believe working in a space that has more to it than a plain wall or a window to look at beside your computer builds energy and the desire to create. A faux pot plant or vase of flowers is honestly one of the best pick-me-ups for an indoor space and having a board where you can pin pictures, a calendar or quotes is the perfect backdrop to keep you inspired. I like to do my makeup at my desk because I'm right next to the window, so I decided on a little more organisation in that department and got myself the acrylic drawers for make up and the clear cup for my brushes which I'm loving.

My items: Cork Board $26 / Clipboard $3.60 / Black Pen Cup $4.40
Mouse Pad $4.95Clear Drawers $16.95 / Clear Pen Cup $4.40 Magazine Holder $4

clear acrylic makeup drawers Officeworks ADD STATIONARY
Every desk needs typical stationary items as they're bound to come in handy at some point. By having a strong colour scheme for all of your stationary, it's much easier to keep things looking organised and in place. An organised space creates a serene and crisp environment that will boost productivity, while a messy space is a distraction and will have your mind jumping all over the place. Use trays or boxes to keep smaller items or paper tucked away and easy to find. 

My items: Stapler $10 / Sticky Tape Dispenser $3
Black Art Journal $7.40 / Notebook $2 / Clear Pins $4.25

The final step to making your space yours - make it personal! Add a photo that inspires you, a few words, your favourite coffee or tea cup, magazine clippings or anything really that brings you back down to earth. I pulled a few pages out of Elle magazine for the boards and created a print with photoshop for the photo frame.

My items: Photo Frame $6 

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x Vanessa

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