Beats by Dr. Dre | Solo2 Headphones

I've been living the past however many years with the usual iPod or iPhone white earphones and it was really starting to get to me that I could hear more of what's going on around me (eg. people on the train who talk on their phone reeeally loud) than my music.

Easy fix? Headphones that muffle all that annoying chit chatter out. Why didn't I think of that sooner -___-

I got a pair of Solo2 Headphones from Beats by Dr. Dre which is a brand that's recently been acquired by Apple and I can see why. Suuuch good headphones. Not only comfy on your ears but they make your music sound really good. Like as if you were listening to it live. They also fold up and can be packed into a little case to pop in your bag.

I'm all for tuning out from the world around me, and putting these things on is the perfect getaway. I use them throughout the day while I'm listening to music or editing a youtube vid. On the weekends if I'm trying to concentrate on writing blog posts and my boyfriend won't stop talking to me. And at night when I like to listen to relaxing tunes to wind down. Worth every cent in my opinion.

p.s. In a good way, they smell like a new car (weird but true! haha) and there's more colours to choose from.

Solo2 Headphones

x Vanessa

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