Packing for the warmer weather

 As the weather warms up the transition into shorts, skirts and sandals becomes a whole lot more comfortable. If you're getting away knowing your destination will be warm, but worried about the potential random chill-factor, the safest bet is to take a cardi. I take a cardi pretty much everywhere I go. They typically don't crinkle if you want to stuff it into your bag. You can use it as a blanket while travelling and it's just an easy thing to sling over your shoulders or tie around your waist while moving about.

The best comfort shoe to purchase for the new season is definitely the espadrille. Becoming available in all sorts of colours you can find the perfect match for the rest of your packed clothing. They're also a quick and easy slip-on-and-go type of shoe.

Camis are your best friend when packing light, and a couple of interesting necklaces can draw attention away from if you happen to wear the same thing twice. A cleanser that doubles as a body wash and shampoo is handy (pour into a small travel-size bottle). Add a lightweight neutral skirt, the perfect denim shorts, a bold red lipstick for nights out and pack everything into a beautiful weekender bag.

x Vanessa

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