REVIEW | Loreal Infallible 24H Stay Fresh Foundation

I thought rather than doing a "first impression" on this foundation it might be a better idea to give you a run-down on it after having used it for the past couple of months.

So before purchasing the Loreal Infallible foundation I'd been using Covergirl TruBlend in the shade Ivory going through bottle after bottle. One day I walked into Priceline and this brand new foundation was on a stand right at the entrance and I thought, what the heck... I'll give it a go.

I chose the shade True Beige which is the 2nd lightest. Usually I'd go for the lightest but it seemed like that one was for very fair skin so I grabbed this one instead and I've been pretty happy with the colour of it, although I did think it was a bit too yellow/orange for me, but after asking my boyfriend he couldn't seem to tell which I guess is a good sign. If I was to get it again I'd probably go the lightest shade and then give some colour to my face with a powder or bronzer. My skin can be quite red in areas and it just evened it out completely.

The coverage is amazing and the consistency is quite thick. It's definitely full coverage and you can build it up to the extent you want. It just leaves a really smooth, even finish. For me personally it has the very slightest dewy look to it in certain areas of my face once I've just applied, and then throughout the day it starts to shine around my nose and chin. My cheeks and forehead stay flawless though, I guess as my skin is dryer in those areas.

I have to say this foundation does feel heavy on your skin when you wear it. The Covergirl TruBlend felt a lot lighter as I was switching between the two for the past few weeks day-to-day to see the difference. Of course as a full coverage foundation it will have that heavy effect but in hindsight it's still very hydrating and somehow keeps the skin feeling revived. It hasn't caused breakouts whatsoever although I don't really struggle with them too often at all.

Overall it was a pretty good foundation and I have reached the end of the bottle. I've recently bought the Estee Lauder Double Wear so I probably won't buy this one again for a while, but who knows. It's definitely one I'd consider going back to and I do recommend trying it out if you haven't already.

x Vanessa

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