An Ideal Weekend In Sydney

A couple of weeks ago I met a guy who had just made the big move from London to live here in Sydney. Apparently I was the first "Aussie" he'd spoken to since arriving so he wanted a little advice on some great weekend things to do now that he's here. That got me thinking... what would be my top things to experience if you're heading to Sydney for the first time? Keep on reading to see...

1. Taronga Zoo
If you've got a day to spare and the sun is out you have to visit Taronga Zoo. Young or old it's a great place to go if you want to get some exercise, see incredible animals, watch a fun show here and there and maybe have an ice cream before you head home :)

2. Sydney Tower Buffet
The perfect place to go out for dinner once the sun has gone down. If you want 360 degree views of the sparkling city lights, all you can eat buffet with an array of entree, main and dessert options, and just an overall luxurious dining experience... this is the place to go.

3. Manly Beach
Everyone always says Bondi is the best beach around Sydney but I think I prefer the culture surrounding the beach at Manly. It's exciting, the ferry takes you right amongst all kinds of restaurants and shops and it's just a short walk straight to the beach. It's quite a relaxing destination to have dinner, grab gelato or ice cream and walk along the pavement horizontal to the beach listening to the waves.

4. Pitt Street Mall
If you're all for shopping, Pitt Street Mall has every store you'll want to visit in the one perfect location.

5. Harbour Bridge Walk
Don't have the money to do the actual Harbour Bridge Climb? Not to worry! Walking across the bridge is an equally great option, plus it's free. Choose your side and your time of day and either walk, run or bike it across.

6. Luna Park
If you're up for fun, Luna Park will give it to you. Purchase an unlimited rides pass and have a go at everything. There's also sideshows, typical carnival food (yum!) and once again amazing views of Sydney, especially if you try the Ferris Wheel.

7. Picnic at Blues Point
One of my absolute favourite places in Sydney, Blues Point Reserve is the perfect picnic spot with an exceptional view of the Harbour Bridge with the Opera House behind it. It's the spot people camp out at for New Years Eve and just a great place to hang out. There's parking or you can walk there from North Sydney Station and Milson's Point Station, or catch a Ferry to McMahons Point. There's restaurants and take away all along Blues Point road so it's the best idea to grab some food, a picnic blanket and chill out on the grass.

8. Darling Harbour Fireworks
Every Saturday night at 9pm, Harbourside lights up the sky at Darling Harbour with an amazing fireworks display. You can settle down on the seating around the harbour or you can try and grab an outdoors table at one of the surrounding restaurants so you can watch the display while enjoying dinner and/or drinks.

For more things to do in Sydney, visit Club Carlson.

x Vanessa

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  1. I live in Sydney and reading this list makes me think I need to get out and do more things. Such a wonderful city! x