COVERGIRL Bombshell Collection

The Bombshell Collection by Covergirl launched earlier this year and I've just got my hands on the range. In my eyes it's the perfect makeup to achieve that shimmering, glamorous Victoria's Secret look, which makes me even more excited for the 2014 show in December.

I'm loving the mascara more than I expected to... it creates so much volume and length (I'm wearing it as I type and I swear my lashes are almost hitting my eyebrows). You could be brushing it on for half an hour and it wouldn't clump. It's got two parts to it, one for creating that intense volume which it does amazingly, and the other end to add extra definition and to lock in the darkness so it doesn't fade throughout the day. 

The eyeliner is a little more tricky to work with compared to my usual one. It's like a very fine felt tip pen and the wing that I like on my eyes is achievable, but it just takes a little bit more time and precision. 

The ShineShadows are wonderful. In 6 wearable shades, they have a reflective pigment involved which illuminates in the light creating an incredible shine across your eyelid. They're so easy to apply and blend in and can be worn underneath or on top of other eyeshadows.

I wore the mascara, eyeliner and the copper shineshadow to the races last weekend and I was reeally happy with my makeup for the day.

x Vanessa

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  1. We've been wanting to try the shine shadows for sometime! We always get excited when products come out in AUstralia!

    M + K