Rimmel Provocalips Review + Lip Swatches Video

Rimmel have launched their new Provocalips 16HR Kiss Proof Lip Colour range and after testing them all out (watch video above), I am loving these.

Lipstick has always been a little fear of mine - as much as I adore a bit of colour on my lips, I only wear it out if I know I'll have mirrors around and available to check if it's still alive and well. If you can relate... you need to buy one of these. With a great range of colours (just missing a decent nude shade in my opinion) they're all very wearable and they absolutely stay in place.

Application is effortless, just like a lip gloss it applies quickly and easily with an instant hit of colour, shine and moisture. Wait 10 to 20 seconds and the lip colour will set to a transfer proof shade. Apply the second part to the tube and you've got a certain 16 hours of wear.

Perfect for the days you want to throw on a colour and not care about it for the rest of the day, knowing it still looks like you've just applied it. Perfect for those who want to have a fun night out without constant touch ups. And perfect for people like me who think they'll end up with lipstick on teeth / on nose / in food. Once this product is on, it stays on.

x Vanessa

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