The Best Bed Covers

Finally found where I want to buy a new bed cover. I've been wanting to makeover my bedroom for a while now but I don't want to do it bit by bit - I'd rather purchase everything all at once so I can make sure everything looks perfect as a whole.

Urban Outfitters have such amazing bed covers, I can't believe I've just found them. Shipping is free to Australia for orders over $50 and can take up to 3 weeks so if you're thinking of buying one of these as an Xmas gift I'd get straight onto it.

I've linked each image above to exactly where to shop each one, so enjoy!


x Vanessa

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  1. Tempting! I'm looking at doing a room makeover in the next couple of months and have been searching for new bedding (I love how it can really change the feel of a room!). Looks like you just picked out everything I would have chosen haha you've done the hard work for me.