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I've always been a Microsoft Windows girl. From the first computer I ever used as a little 11 year old right through to the Surface tablet I currently carry around with me, and every computer in between. It's the system I understand and the one I'm comfortable with. When you do graphic design, youtube, or anything creative, people try to push you elsewhere but I've always stuck with what I know. Who needs tech support when you know something inside and out? :)

Microsoft have recently done a study with Digital Ethnographer, Dr Jonathon Hutchinson, whose research has revealed Australia’s six technology personality types... which they're calling TechTypes! I thought it was an incredibly cute way of showing what people are like with technology in every day life, so I had to share.

Which brings me to my TechType... The Sharer!
The Sharer loves creating an ongoing visual diary that‘s passionate, literate and bursting with energy. They’re happiest when showing the life they love to the people they care about. That's definitely me.

How to spot them: Sharers will be pointing a phone at anything they find worth sharing. They’ll be out and about, using their phone to capture, share, interact and consume, all with an energy and pride in their story that’s palpable.

Where you can find them: At festivals. At beaches. Photographing amazing lunches or parties. At the front of every selfie-cluster. 

How to approach them: Get them to a party. Show them a cool series of photos from your life. Ask them what they did on the weekend.

What to give them as a gift: Something that gets them out there in the frantic, joyful chaos of life, armed with phone and camera to tell the world their story.

Why they’re great company: Sharers embody the joy of discovery and the excitement of curiosity. They’re the promoters, connectors and distributors of memory and experience they give their friends and family.

Ideal Devices and Services suite:
Office 365: OneDrive, OneNote
Apps: Instagram, Twitter, FB    
HP Pavilion X2 10         
Nokia Lumia 730

This post has been created in partnership with Microsoft Australia.

x Vanessa

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