Faves at Urban Outfitters

Lately I've been leaning towards all things blush, pretty, crystallised and sparkling. I'm so glad this beautiful shade of pink carried on from winter and I'm not too sure how long it's going to stick around for, but while it's here I'm going to wear it to bits.

I love that Urban Outfitters ships free to Australia for orders over $50. And if you're always on the lookout for little sales happening, this is a great site for coupons and deals. I'm not one to wait for things to go on sale but it's an added bonus when sites like this can find special offers at your favourite websites for you.

This year I want to focus on purchasing more luxe pieces that really standout in my life. I have a youtube video in mind that I might eventually create about it... I think it's a good idea to put money into particular things that aren't going to be forgotten.

x Vanessa

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