Get Organised with Typo

I have to admit my start to 2015 was a bit sluggish. I don't know if it was through fear, through the idea of change, or through taking a break (when I don't usually). I just couldn't get started again. Which has been a big issue due to how much I have to do.

Lately I've been so out of it during the day that my best work seems to get done between midnight and 2am which = not a lot of sleep, meaning major under eye bags (eeeek).

I found that over the past year, whenever the time came where I was sitting at my computer and feeling completely unmotivated, I would move my desk to a different corner of the apartment, clear it up and redecorate. It worked, every time.

So I decided to give that another go and I think this is a pretty cute start to 2015.

I went for a shop in Typo and picked up a bundle of things, most from their new collection called "Get Organised". Planners, lists, books, decor and quirky little stationary bits and pieces. Just everything that screamed GET GOING to me.

Gold is always an inspiring colour to work with so I based my choices around that, I added in a bit of the navy which I think looks really classy with gold, and also a pop of bright pink for a burst of energy this month.

I talk a bit more about the different items in my video above so enjoy!

x Vanessa



  1. Typo's stationary is the best and is so affordable too!

  2. Great Post! Just got back from Typo with a whole heap of goodies x