My Favourite Summer Sandals

I have quite a massive pile of shoes... actually two piles. One pile under my bed - the shoes I apparently wear daily (*cough* not) and another pile that has been demoted to the cupboard due to them not being in season, too painful to wear or just classified as "why did I buy these".

Over the years I've discovered the style/colour sandals I go back to every single summer. For once it's good to realise I actually own a few things that will go the distance. Generally they're simple, minimal straps, hold my foot in, super comfortable and neutral colours.

The three pairs above are my favourites. The tan ones go with pretty much anything, the black pair I got recently (as a similar black pair I had died last summer) and the white ones lighten up / balance out any darker outfits. 

Rubi Shoes Black Sandals |  Windsor Smith Tan Sandals | Sportsgirl White Sandals (old)
x Vanessa

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