3 Ways To Wear | Stripe Midi Skirt

I recently got this skirt from a label called Head & Heart and it's turned into one of my favourite summer essentials. The perfect striped print... reminds me of my classic Bassike tee which I've literally worn to the death. It's just that kind of print that pairs excellently with anything monochromatic or neutral... think nudes, pastel pinks, whites, greys and blacks. But at the same time you could throw on a bright red top and it would still look incredible.

The fabric of this skirt is so thick and such good quality that it just holds everything in. With my body shape I just can't wear anything too thin and flimsy so when I put this skirt on I was kind of in awe.

Above are three different ideas on how to wear it and I recommend checking this label out... has some really cute pieces.

x Vanessa


  1. Hey Vanessa :) Lovely post. Would you wear the tops hanging over the skirt as opposed to tucking them in??

    1. Yeah you could do either depending on what you're comfortable with :) As long as your top isn't too long so it doesn't look out of proportion. You can also fold over the waist band of the skirt to make it shorter.