5 Tips For Daily Motivation

I totally get it... unless your life is full of excitement, sunshine and rainbows, it can be quite hard to find motivation and exude positivity on a day-to-day basis. I guess that's why it's called "the daily grind"...

Over time I've found a few ways that can help with those feelings that hold you down and make you wonder why you're getting up on a Monday morning.

 1. Find the value in what you do. 
Take a good look at your daily job and think about what your part plays in the outcome of the business.
See yourself as a valuable player.
For example if you work as an assistant, the value in your job could be to make the life of the person you're working for 10x easier while gaining invaluable experience, building on your skills and bettering yourself for a future opportunity. If you work in retail the value could be in providing every customer with an experience that makes them go home with something new to make them feel good about themselves or their life that little bit better - you're fuelling happiness - or COULD BE if you recognised that value in what you do.
Every little job has value to it - whether it's value for yourself, for others, or for both. Don't get caught up in the whole "oh but I just work as ____". If you weren't doing that job, someone else would need to be or the business wouldn't be standing up.

 2. Plan things to look forward to. 
Just as we have birthday parties or Christmas, planning out little things throughout the entire year can really help prevent weeks from dragging on by endlessly. If you decided to go on a weekend trip somewhere nice, in the weeks leading up to it your mind will be so excited planning and dreaming away that work will fly by and before you know it, it's time to go. Whatever little things will keep you excited (holidays, events, hair, nails, catch-ups), plan them out, write them into your planner and make them happen.

 3. Have at least one main goal per year. 
Find something to work towards and achieve within the year. Telling yourself you only have 10 months left to make this goal reality will get you moving. It could be anything from a big purchase to mending a relationship, a promotion at work or something you wish to create. Anything is possible and 10 months is plenty of time to achieve what you set after.

 4. Save your money. 
That brings me onto this point. Save, save, save! We can all get caught up in material things (especially if you're in your 20s like myself) somehow feeling like we need these items to make our lives more worthwhile. You know what's worthwhile? Buying your first car. Buying your first house. Feeling comfortable in life. Once you're comfortable, then you can go and buy all the MAC lipsticks you want. If there's anything I could tell my past self it would've been start saving as soon as I started working. I have definitely started this year and it's something I'm really going to focus on as I want my future to be the best it can be.

 5. Indulge a little. 
Ending this on a lighter note, you have to treat yourself every now and then. Even every day if possible. Make your life indulgent in a simple way. Taking a bubble bath, mixing up a cocktail, biting into a piece of chocolate or watching your favourite tv series. ALWAYS make time for yourself no matter what's going on. It's how you'll stay sane.

x Vanessa

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  1. Great advice Vanessa! I always try to make plans for the weekend, even if very simple, so that I have something to look forward to during the week. Saving is also super important and I love how you list ways you can treat yourself without spending money.