3 Ways To Wear | Animal Print Pants

There's just something about black and white spotty prints that I adore. It started with a similar print in a clutch, to seeing dresses on Pinterest, to now finding these pants at Neverland Store. Whether snow leopard, dalmation spots or a random speckled mix, I absolutely love this print paired with other monochromatic pieces and even a hint of blush or nude. These pants are so comfortable... relaxed fit, tapered in at the leg with concealed zips at the ankles and an elastic waist.

My go-to way to wear them is very similar to the "Morning Coffee" scheme above. I can't wait to buy more pieces from this brand and now I know exactly where to get it from :)

Sweet Dreams Pant

x Vanessa

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  1. I don't usually go for animal prints but these looks are perfect for summer! X

    Taylor Swift style steel on the blog-