Napoleon Perdis | Nude U + Luminizer Palettes

These products are pretty much to die for.
I had never owned a Napoleon Perdis product before so I had no expectations when these beauties were on their way to me, other than that it's a really well known and trusted brand. With their arrival and then holding both palettes in my hands, I was in awe.

The packaging is absolutely stunning. Heavy and luxurious with the golden logo intact, the product on the inside is displayed with precision.

The Light Switch Luminizer Palette is the ultimate mix of cream highlights. Including a light gold, muted silver, pale pink, bronze and berry, this palette can be used for the face and the eyes. I have been using the pale pink shade on the high points of my cheeks as it creates the most incredible glow, and the silver in the inner corners of my eyes.

Positives: Multi-use and the perfect colour selection for a range of different highlights.
Negatives: I find a finger picks up the product better than a brush.

The "Nude U" Eyes, Cheeks + Brows Palette has a wonderful mix of neutral shades for creating the perfect natural look. With a cool-toned brown that works amazingly at contouring, a shimmery white for adding shine to the cheeks, yellows for brightening and different brown tones that would work best on the brows of those with lighter hair. It's wonderful to have a palette that can be used so many different ways.

Positives: Multi-use and all colours are highly pigmented, creamy and so easy to blend.
Negatives: Missing a cool-toned dark brown for darker brows.

I just love how both palettes have been designed to multi-task. When buying a new product, you want your money to go to something you're actually going to get use out of, and palettes that have only one purpose can sometimes get lost among all the other makeup you own. If you're using each palette for all sorts of reasons, you'll realise how much they make an appearance every day.

x Vanessa


  1. I love that both of these palettes are designed for multitasking too! I thin that's why I am so obsessed with contour kits, you can get a lot done with just one palette.

  2. Can't the makeup companies come up with a mobile pod of makeup that's more versatile? My wife can fill a whole self storage unit with all the stuff she has already and they're still coming up with more?!