The Shades Of Autumn / Winter

Building a wardrobe for the new season can definitely be made simpler with a colour palette in mind. Finding a mix of shades that compliment one another, mixed and matched in different textures and styles is a wonderful way of getting the wear out of each new item you purchase this year, and sticking to shades that make a comeback every year means you won't be wasting your money on wear-it-once purchases.

The colours above are my top picks for the Autumn/Winter season this year. Monochromatic base shades with camel, blush and khaki thrown in. My love for blush tones has sky-rocketed over the past year... they're just so feminine and pretty, and mixed with black, white, grey or any neutral colours, muted shades of pink just can't go wrong.

Items I'm going to be looking at over the next few months are coats in camel and khaki, a blush-coloured scarf, grey or white roll neck jumper and a few staple black pieces. Can't wait til I'm able to go shopping.

x Vanessa

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  1. Love these colour themes for going into Winter. I have never been a camel person, but I think I might have to give it a try this year! x