All Time Favourite Fragrances

If I had to choose my top five fragrances of all time, these are it. Although I'm sure there are a tonne of amazing ones out there that I'm yet to try, these that I have owned over the years stay true to being my favourites.

Chanel Chance tops the list. It's such a wonderful classy, sophisticated scent with a hint of intrigue to it. Intimately Beckham turned into my most used fragrance over the past year. It was a non-stop every day punchy sweet scent. Chloe I have just gotten back into in the past week. I was in need of a change so I pulled it back out of the box and it's really the most feminine fragrance I've found. I went through a whole bottle of Elie Saab when I first moved to Sydney, hearing somewhere that it's a stunning lingering scent that guys tend to find interesting. Can't say if that's true or not haha but I did love it. And La vie est belle by Lancome rounds off the list as another unforgettable hit of sweetness.

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x Vanessa

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