The Fiddle Leaf

I NEED this plant for the corner of our living room. I've been seeing this lovely lush bit of greenery in images all over pinterest, so doing a little research I found out the name - Fiddle Leaf Fig.

No idea where to buy one so I guess I'll go searching at Bunnings or Masters, but I just think it will make such a great addition to the room.

x Vanessa


  1. YES! They've been everywhere recently on Pinterest. I'm slowly going through and decorating my new house, with an emphasis on greenery, so I'll definitely be heading to Masters or Bunnings as well. Fingers crossed!

  2. I've also been searching for this plant for a while...! It's got so much character.
    Let me know if you find it anywhere (in Australia) ;D

  3. They're lovely, aren't they? I got one after years of thinking about it and it's now my baby :) Keep your eye out for them in your daily rounds and you might find one at your local florist. I was surprised to see one tucked away for $40 at my neighborhood mom-and-pop garden shop one random Sunday while out for coffee! Snatched it right up - lucky me! Or, go straight to Garden Life in St. Peters. They'll be more expensive but a sure spot to get a hold of one. Good luck!