How To | Pack Carry On

That tricky task of knowing how to pack within the limits of just a carry on bag can be an asset to travelling simple. Not only can you save money on particular flights, the ability to keep everything compact and organised means less to lug around at your destination.
I've noticed recently how much I pack that's so unnecessary. Maybe it's from being a blogger, I don't want to miss an opportunity to get the perfect shot in the perfect outfit, so if I take 10 pairs of shoes and 5 different coats I'll be all set.
Or not.
Limiting yourself with a packing routine, a go-to bag and the bare essentials, you're not going to regret that heavy pair of boots that almost made it into the bottom of your suitcase.

 - Know the weight limit - 
Each flight and airline are different, so once you have booked the flight you need (I know Jetstar have cheaper flights for carry-on luggage only), head to the website or your booking information and read the finer details. There are certain dimensions and a weight allowance you must follow, otherwise you'll have a very stressed out (or costly) experience when checking in. Most airlines allow two pieces of carry on luggage - a decent-sized carry-on bag to place in the overhead lockers, and a smaller handbag that can fit under the seat.
You can find an array of domestic and international carry-on bags at Bags To Go.
I personally find the weekender bag I have works perfectly for me. Not only is it super light to begin with, everything fits snug inside.

 - Maximise space - 
The more organised and strategic you are with how you pack, the more space you'll find you have available. Tips such as tucking shoes inside each other, rolling items of clothing rather than folding and keeping toiletries, makeup and cords in separate small bags works wonders. It's not always about making space to fit in as much as possible (with the weight limit in mind), but making it easier to find items at your destination plus allowing for anything you may acquire while away.

 - Only take what you need - 
This is where I get a bit flustered. I feel like I'm getting better at this point but I still have a bit of practise to go. What I can suggest is before packing, plan out your outfits for every day that you will be away. Make sure you MIX AND MATCH. One pair of simple black pants or jeans can be worked in all sorts of ways. If it's cold you realistically only need one coat. It is possible to pack only two pairs of shoes - day shoes, going out shoes (and wear one more pair, the heaviest). If you want to make mix and match clothes look more put together, throw in accessories that don't take up a lot of space (scarves, jewellery etc.)
Take your favourite items of makeup only, and purchase inexpensive mini travel bottles for toiletries.
Remember you have your handbag as well, so heavy magazines and technology are best to go in there.

x Vanessa


  1. This is so, so helpful as I am going travelling next month! While I do have checked luggage, it's good to see how much you really can take with you as hand luggage. x

  2. Great post! Love the aesthetics, too. Where's the weekender from? Thanks!