My Winter Skincare Favourite

I have been using this little tub of goodness since I received it last year and I'm only halfway through. The skin on my face becomes extremely dry in winter due to the too-hot showers I tend to have (so not good for your skin) but I have been living in this Sukin cream daily. Although it is a night cream, I've been using it morning and night all over my face after showering and it has made the biggest difference. As a thicker substance I wouldn't use it twice a day in summer, but I feel it's a winner in winter, providing constant moisture and keeping my face nice and fresh. I've seen it around at Priceline and would definitely recommend it as my top beauty product for winter. 

x Vanessa


  1. Sukin is good because it's paraben free :D


  2. I have the regular night cream as I have quite normal skin, but I adore it just as much as you adore this one! It's so affordable too and always seems to be on sale. I really recommend the eye cream and toner from Sukin, I'm sure you'd get along with them just as well. x

  3. Thanks for great tips!! Your article is really awesome. I'm always using Sakare's fortifying facial serum. It's helps to keep my skin fresher, younger and brighter.

  4. We love the entire sukin range because it's great for our sensitive skin. We haven't broken out from any of their products before

    M + K