TREND | Lace Up Sandals + Flats

I hate it when amazing spring/summer shoes make their debut halfway through Australian winter, when it's too cold to even consider peeping a toe out of a sock. What ends up happening is I tend to purchase majority of my new season shoes well before I can wear them, though as soon as it starts to warm up I guess I do feel quite prepared.

Lace up shoes can be taken in two different directions. On one end of the scale you have the lace up sandal. Gladiator in style, the flat soles and long laces are the perfect contrast to toughen up those breezy summer dresses. Adding a heel into the mix ups the anti to a whole new level.
On the other, the lace up flat tends to lean more towards the elegant side of the scale. With all the class of the classic ballet flat, the laces add a hint of sass and intrigue to that essential style of shoe.

I think a pair of the flats will my starting point, then as I work towards my summer wardrobe the gladiator sandals might be fun to try.

x Vanessa


  1. I am loving this trend and definitely need to track down a pair! They only just started appearing here in Australia, so hopefully there will be a lot to choose from soon enough. x

  2. Loving this trend so so much! Hoping it will still be a thing when its summer here again (too cold in this aussie winter to be wearing sandals haha) x