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I am a 24/7 moisturiser. When I was a teenager I experienced oily skin so I tended to stay away from them, and as time has gone by my skin has dried out and become more sensitive. I have learned though that no matter what skin type you have, moisturising is imperative.

For those with oily skin, a moisturiser is so necessary because without that hit of moisture, your skin freaks out and produces more oil to compensate for it. The result isn't pretty.

Renewed Hope In A Jar Dry by Philosophy is perfect for my normal to dry, mid-20s skin. Especially now that winter is over and I'm in need of something refreshing a revitalising. The bundle of ingredients in this jar of goodness work together to leave the skin dewy, smooth and glowing. It also has a beautiful, relaxing scent to go along with it.

x Vanessa

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  1. I need a new moisturiser, and we have similar skin types, I might to give this philosophy moisturiser a go. I have never tried any skincare from philosophy.

    Zeynab x
    The Beauty Load