8 Ways To Get A Peaceful Night's Sleep

I have been looking into all sorts of ways to help with sleep patterns. I struggle A LOT with staying asleep all night, but I feel like I've mastered the art of falling asleep. I've read somewhere that from the moment your head hits the pillow you should be asleep within 15 minutes, otherwise something just isn't quite right. Below are my ways to not only fall asleep with ease but to also stay asleep for as long as possible.

1. Don't go overboard with dessert
My first tip is sugar related. I've found in the past when I've had far too much ice cream or chocolate after dinner I go to bed on a sugar high and it's insanely difficult to get to sleep. You're tossing and turning, your mind is racing and you're probably thirsty as well. If you're going to have something for dessert, make it small.

2. Draw the curtains
If you're not one to wake up with the sun, then close your curtains. The worst thing when you're trying to get that last hour or so of sleep in the morning is having light beam through the window onto your face.

3. Find the right temperature
Your body tends to cool down overnight so although it may be so warm that you can't even imagine having a doona on you, keep it there at the end of the bed. You're bound to go reaching for it in the early hours of the morning. Set your fan on a timer so it's only on for a few hours. If it's cold, add a throw blanket and wear socks. It's all about finding the right temperature balance for each season and how to achieve it by adding and removing items from the bedroom.

4. Have a warm drink
I wouldn't say coffee is a good idea, but a hot chocolate or cup of tea with milk works wonders. There's something about warm milk that gradually relaxes your body and slows you down ready to sleep.

5. Spritz a sleep mist
Spraying your pillow with an aromatherapy product specifically created to soothe and calm you down is a wonderful thing to add into your nightly routine. You can find such products which include scents such as lavender and chamomile at stores like The Body Shop.

6. Cut the technology
It's easy to say "create a technology free zone", but even I know that's almost impossible these days. If you're like me and always like to check your social media, etc. just before going to sleep, reduce the effect of the harsh light from your phone simply by turning the brightness right down.

7. Download a sleep App
There are so many apps these days with relaxing sounds and meditation for calming the mind. Whether it's the sound of waves hitting the shore, rain on a tin roof or a soothing voice to listen to, definitely try an app out if you find it hard to fall asleep.

8. Find the right mattress and pillow
The mattress and pillow you sleep on are the deciding factors in how comfortable you're going to be all night - and comfort is key when it comes to a great night's sleep. If you are interested in buying a mattress online, OzMattress.com.au is a 24/7 mattress sale destination where you can save a lot of money on a new mattress. They also have a range of pillows including Aloesense Memory Foam Pillows which slowly release a fragrance to promote sleep in a natural way.

x Vanessa

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