The New Candle In My Life

I love how candles can create memories just as much as that perfume you wore three years ago to a particular event. The way a simple scent can take you back in time to a stage in your life that you may not have even remembered had you not kept the fragrance. Crazy right?

The newest candle I own is Lilac & Orchid, a scented soy candle by Circa Home. It's a very fresh, clean smell, the type you'd want surrounding you while having a bath. I'm thinking if I can't keep a real orchid alive in the bathroom (the struggle is real), this is the next best thing :)

I was browsing around on their website to see what other nice things they have and noticed pretty bottles of handwash and also a variety of diffusers. I really like how once this candle burns down I can use the jar as a makeup brush holder.

There's just something about getting home after a long day, lighting a candle and settling down for the evening that's so peaceful and calming. I enjoy them so much and I'm happy to have this beautiful new one in my life.

x Vanessa

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  1. I love candles, especially soy and am yet to fully venture into trying those from Circa Home. Is this your favourite scent? What do you recommend?
    Ellen Rozalia |