GoodnessMe Box | Unboxing + Review

When this heavy box arrived at my door I had no idea what it was. I knew a GoodnessMe Box was on it's way for me to check out but surely this couldn't be it. Sample boxes are usually just full of sachets of this and that, right? Not this one!

GoodnessMe is a subscription health food box which surprises you with 5 to 10 healthy treats per month to try. Why did I think it was necessary to share with you? Well firstly the cost. Only $25 per month (basically the cost of a large coffee per week) for a box packed with products that you may never knew existed or would never have thought to pick up before. Secondly what I discovered inside the box - 9 items if which I'd only ever tried 1 but in a different flavour (the Table Of Plenty muesli) and all pretty much full size.

I LOVE trying new things - I always tend to just get what I know but when someone chooses for me, I love it. I chomped away at hummus chips and tried the bag of coconut chips as well (so good!). Made myself a big cup of crystal blue tea and after squeezing a bit of lemon juice into it I watched it magically change purple (highlight of my day). I popped the drinks into the fridge and put the other snacks away to tuck into on another day.

Who would I recommend this subscription box for? Well myself of course, I'd love to start eating healthier snacks. If you know of anyone who is vegan or has to eat gluten free, someone who is a bit of a health nut or has said they want to be. You could even buy someone a box for Christmas then they can decide if they want to subscribe for longer.

I loved the experience of opening this box and I'm positive you will too :)



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