New In ♥ Sleek Makeup

In awe of the new products that have made their way into my life by Sleek Makeup.

Firstly... the Solstice Highlighting Palette. So beautiful! Within the rose golden case you'll find four highlight powders - two baked, one powder and one cream. Each one stunning, shimmery and wonderful. The perfect highlight quad with a shade for every makeup look.

Next I have the limited edition Gold Standard Palette which is likely to be my go-to product this Christmas. The pigmentation of the cream shadows in particular is beyond. Bronze eyeshadows I've used in the past seem like nothing in comparison.

I have two lip products, the limited edition Glitter Me Lip Gloss in Uptown Girl and the Candy Tint Lip Balm in Marshmallow. Super cute products that I'm unlikely to wear myself so I'll probably hand them over to my younger sister.

And lastly the Barekissed Illuminator in Casablanca which was a surprisingly glowy product. I was unsure about the bold pink colour that came out of the bottle until I swatched it across my hand and saw the incredible shimmer that evolved. I'ts bound to go a long way as you only need the smallest amount to see results.

x Vanessa

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