Planning My Summer Beauty Routine

A new season is always the opportunity to try new things, especially when it comes to beauty. It's easy to get stuck in the routine of wearing the same hairstyle, the same makeup or the same nail colour. I'm definitely a culprit! If you're going to have a routine, you may as well change it up every season to keep things fresh and exciting.


As you would have seen, the Australis Rapid Tan made it's way into my life recently so I'm determined to continuously tan all summer long. There's no way I'll be laying out in the sun so it's really my only option. Along with being tanned for once in my life, I'm going to have to find a darker foundation or even a BB cream to match I'm guessing! Otherwise I'll be making good use of a bronzer to bring everything together.


I have been painting my nails black a lot lately, and before that I was really into pinks. I think I'd like to try some brighter colours or even pastels this summer. White looks really good on toes when you have a tan. Hopefully I can find some pastel shades that aren't too "young". Maybe a nice coral or a really light mauve.
I've been on Pinterest a lot lately and there are Christmas nail designs everywhere, which don't look too difficult but I bet if I tried it out it would be a disaster. There were these ones where you create a santa hat with red and white polish - if I give it a go you'll be sure to see it on my snapchat!


I currently have two go-to hairstyles. One is wearing it out with a side part, the other is up in a top-knot to get it off my face. Pretty boring really. I'd love to start wearing more braided looks, I think braids can be so interesting and no matter how undone they are, they still always look nice. I definitely need to get some more layers cut in my hair as it's so thick and heavy, so maybe once that's done some more wavy hairstyles might work as well. I feel like as it's getting hotter where I live it seems to be getting more humid as well, and my hair is absolutely hating it. SO frizzy. Really need to find a solution for that.


As I said above, I'm interested in trying out a BB cream for summer. I have a feeling it will be so much lighter, more fresh and better for my skin overall. I love the easy look of dewy skin, a super bright lip, with simple mascara (and maybe a bit of brown in the crease). I have some new bright lipsticks to try so I can't wait to pick a few that work and just go for it :)

x Vanessa


  1. Love this post! The nail pictures you added are really inspiring! I'll be sure to add you on Snapchat to check your next nail look on there x

    Lina /

    1. I'm also on blogger can you check out my blog we can be blogging friends?

  2. Seems like a great routine ♥