Where To Find A Christmas Day Dress

The other day I started wondering what I might wear this year on Christmas Day. It's only 5-ish weeks away. Not sure if I'll wear something I already have or treat myself to something new.

If I were to buy a new dress, I'm eyeing off that red one in the middle of the first row. A beautiful shade of festive red, not overly too dressy, just something that would be easy to wear throughout the day with sandals. I think it's really pretty.

x Vanessa


  1. I haven't even thought about what to wear on Christmas! Hopefully I'll just be spending all day in my bikini lol

    Louise walkaboutbeauty

  2. Honestly, I'll probably either stay in pj's all day or wear the most chill, not so glam outfit ever and eat lots of food :)


  3. Hi, thank you for sharing these nice dresses. I am looking for Christmas dress already too! I love your blog! Have a nice rest of the day! xx