11 Incredible Light-Filled Rooms

Lately I've been quite mesmerised by houses with skylights built into the design. This natural source of light is an added luxury with so many benefits as well.

In future when we own a house, I feel skylights would be so appropriate. Due to the increase in the cost of electricity over the past year or so, I try to limit the use of lights as much as possible throughout the day and night, and I feel that has made a great impact on the cost of our bills. I like to use candles and battery powered lights and if I'm cooking in the kitchen, I'll just have the stove light on instead of using the kitchen lights as well - it just doesn't seem necessary.

Unfortunately the negative side of that is spending a lot of the time in the dark, which I have found can definitely affect my mood. This is where I feel skylights would help in having constant diffused, natural light throughout the day and also into the evening in summer time. I tend to wake with the sun and I don't stop until the sun has set. As a blogger you have to make use of every second of natural light that you have in a day to get photography, instagrams, filming or whatever else is required done.

Waking up and walking out into a light-filled kitchen to make breakfast every day sounds like it would be a great kick-start to the day. Also to have natural light spilling into the bathroom would be so helpful for makeup application - as we currently live in an apartment, the bathrooms don't have any windows so using electricity is the only option. Over time, the design of skylights has developed with our needs which include not only lighting but also heating as well, as homes that are warmed with sunlight throughout the day are less likely to need heating at night.

There are many ideas I have in mind for our future home and skylights are definitely in the mix.

x Vanessa


  1. Ahhh these spaces look amazing! If only I had rooms like these. xx


  2. I definitely need more rooms like this in my life! xx, adaatude.com