8 Beautiful Pool Areas

Back onto the future home inspiration with some stunning outdoor ideas.

It has to be almost everyone's dream of having a pool in their backyard. I certainly can only dream of having a space like one of these in the future but right now I'll have to settle for the 5min walk to the water, which isn't too bad anyway :) My childhood was spent as a competitive swimmer but I was never lucky enough to have a pool right outside the house. My sisters should consider themselves lucky that dad finally gave in and got them one.

My dream pool would definitely be in-ground with paved surroundings like these limestone pavers in Perth. Paving just adds that extra touch of luxury, and I even like the idea of wood or timber panelling to bring a bit of Bali to the space. I love palm trees, there were some in the last street I lived in and looking up at them when the sky was crystal clear and the sun was out just made me happy.

It's easy to get so lost in all the home inspiration on Pinterest. Just looking for amazing pool images got me onto homes that have water slides going from the second floor down into the pool, and houses that have stairs going straight down into the water. I get swept away in it all! :)

x Vanessa

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