Gift Guide for HIM

It always seems to be a confusing one... what to get a guy for Christmas. Whether it's your brother, your friend, your boyfriend, husband or whatever other guy in your life you're needing to find a gift for, above are the items I tend to go for (with a few other random things thrown in).

A black wallet is always an easy option, as well as a simple black tie that will always come in handy. If you know what size he is (pretty easy to guess with guys) then a new t-shirt or two will work, and maybe a new hat if you always see him wearing one. Sunglasses are great as they're easy to lose/break so if he has a new extra pair to pop in his car as a back up (or if he likes the new better than the old) then they'll be a winner. If he goes to work or uni with a laptop he'll love a man-bag to carry it in and perhaps a portable phone charger. A leather bracelet is something he won't take off and guys seem to be pretty obsessed with watches so a new one of those will be great. The Hugo Boss fragrance is one I know for sure smells great and if he's a gym junkie he will probably love a Nike towel. If you just want to buy him something small for laughs there's the $100 toilet roll :)

x Vanessa

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