Chi Chi Nail Set

So so so happy I decided to go into Myer today.

Despite almost every shop in the centre either empty or a mess, I still had a peek around to see if there were any sales still going on since Boxing Day and I found these.

A whole set of full size Chi Chi nail colours sitting on a table for only $5.

Not only was I in shock at the price, I couldn't believe how all the nail colours that I tend to go for - bronze, silver, whites, black, glitters - were all in the one set.

They had different $5 sets as well with bright pinks and darker reds but I had to get this one.

It looked like all the shops were getting ready to re-merchandise for all the new collections so I'm excited to go back in a week or so.

In a sense I picked a bad day, but also a good day to go shopping :)

x Vanessa


  1. Lovely post. I love all them colours, my favourite will have to be the bronze/gold one. - check out my latest posts xo

  2. Omg what a buy. All I found were $40 kids Dr Martens I couldn't bring myself to buy at 2 sizes to big for kidlet. I will certainly regret it two sizes from now

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