My Top 3 Highlighters

I love the finish of a stunning highlighter. Even the slightest glow on the highest point of your cheekbone can add a radiance that no amount of sleep can compete with. Today I'm bringing to you the highlighting products I reach for the most. These shimmery shades are the best in my collection.

#1 | BECCA "Moonstone"
My favourite highlighter at the moment is Moonstone by Becca, which came to me in the form of the beautiful Afterglow Palette. This palette has just upped my highlight/blush game altogether and I don't know how I used to get by without it. I've been able to compare Moonstone with Opal, and I would have to say I prefer Moonstone much more. It's a shimmery champagne with a hint of gold to it, whereas I find Opal to be much more bronze. I have a feeling I'll be hitting pan on this highlight way before any of the other shades in the palette... so I guess a full-size Becca highlighter is in order!

#2 | SLEEK MAKEUP "Equinox"
This palette just blew me away when I first opened it up. Besides the wonderful packaging, the highlighters inside are so, so pigmented. I wasn't expecting it. The one I use the most is called Equinox, a peachy gold powder sitting in the bottom right of the palette. It creates the most amazing shine and is such an incredible summer colour. And the fact that it's packaged up with 3 other beautiful highlights to switch up throughout the year is even better.

For the cooler months when your skin is craving creamy products, the pink cream highlight in the Napoleon Perdis Light Switch Luminizer Palette is stunning. It's a frosty, pale pink which blends seamlessly into your skin. If you're going for a dewy complexion, Pink Ice is the perfect pinch of light to add to your skin. The whole palette is to die for really, with blush and bronzer shimmers and three light highlight shades.

I've seen so many people raving about Becca's Champagne Pop but apparently it isn't great for pale skin? I'll probably pass on it at this stage while I'm loving Moonstone.

Do you have a favourite highlighter?
x Vanessa



  1. This is such a lovely blog post about highlighters! My favourite highlighter is definitely the Stila Eyeshadow in Kitten, it works amazingly as a highlighter or eyeshadow x

  2. The sleek palette looks gorgeous! xx