Need It Now | Sportsgirl

The first of what I might make a weekly series, here's the best bits I've found at this week's feature store, Sportsgirl.

Beautiful white embroidered pieces, spotty prints and rich hues of tan and black leather thrown in. Summer fashion is always so breezy and effortless, this year mixing earthy vibes with feminine detail. Accesssories are whimsical with tassels, beads and dark silver.

I had to add in the white pom pom as ever since I got the Ariana Grande perfume I've been obsessed with the pom pom that came with it :)

Off The Shoulder Top | Boater Hat | Earrings | Clutch | Pom Pom | Lipstick | White Dress
Black Sandals | Tan Sandals | Bucket Bag | Bracelet | Embroidered Crop | Midi Skirt

x Vanessa


  1. OH, Sportsgirl has pompoms?? The fashion blogger pompom-on-the-handbag trend has seriously gotten to me. As if I didn't think to try here, ugh. Love.

  2. OH my gosh YES YES, these are definitely things that I need now!! LOVE the items that you picked out, especially the bucket bag and the white dress. tooooo cute.

    xx shirley