The New Homewares At Kmart

kmart black and white cross rug

kmart australia home decor copper pink marble
kmart australia kitchen decor
kmart australia bathroom decor
kmart australia scandi copper marble pink
Whoever is currently head of the home department at Kmart - I love you.

The store is like a dreamland for me at the moment. I want everything. Issue is I think Daniel has noticed me secretly sneaking in pink decor items here and there :) woops.

One thing we have agreed on is the black circle mirror above, perfect for our entryway. I also really want to revamp the kitchen a bit with a new wire fruit bowl, some new cannisters and maybe a few mugs as well. I'm finding it hard to work copper in as much as I'd like to as we have a lot of stainless steel around the apartment.

I am the biggest copper/marble/pink addict and Kmart have just won me over lately. I can't go to the shops without paying a visit.

x Vanessa


  1. Totally agree with you! Kmart is kicking ass when it comes to their homewares lately! Love that store so much!

  2. How amazing is Kmart, I have to stop myself from going in there now. I do too much damage hehe.


  3. Hey,Vanessa. First of all thanks for sharing the amazing details with us. Yeah!! White and pink is one of my favorite color pattern. I just loved it :)