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Misano Shoes lace up sandals

I put on my first pair of Misano shoes back in 2012. They were cream sandals covered in diamantes and pearls and I loved them to bits. Since then I have added a pair of stunning rose gold sandals to my wardrobe, and now I have two new pairs of Misano's for my ever-expanding shoe collection :)

I can't get enough of lace up sandals this summer. There's something so European about them... like the type of shoe you'd wear wandering down stone steps in Greece, or the type you'd find in a little eclectic boutique in Italy. They're so comfortable, and lacing any shoe up around the ankle adds a hit of femininity. 

The first new pair I have are called the Dany, a unique style with black straps across the foot and leather laces to wrap around the ankle. When I first tried them on (for those of you who follow me on Snapchat) I was wearing loose, black pants. I loved how they stood out so interestingly with such a simple outfit. They also look incredible with all of my maxi dresses and skirts.

Black sandals can be so striking, and what's great about this pair is the laces are so thin that they don't create that block between your leg and ankle, which can make your legs look shorter than they are. I find that any black shoes that have a thick ankle strap aren't flattering on my legs, but these are just perfect.

I know I'll be wearing the Dany into Autumn for sure. I always try to wear sandals for as long as I can into the year. I'm not the biggest fan of the "socks and shoes" transition, so I try to make the most of them!

The other pair I have are the Dina. These are a much simpler, Grecian-style tan sandal. With the feature of this shoe being the weaving leather straps that once again wrap around the ankle, the Dina is a style I find much easier to pair with many items in my wardrobe (jeans, dresses, the works).

Tan shoes are so natural and effortless. They blend in with your skin tone and elongate your legs. One of my all-time favourite pairs of sandals are tan, and I've worn them so much that they're literally falling to pieces. I'm so happy I have these ones for this summer and next.

I wore the Dina today with a white lacey dress and I think they looked so nice with the rose gold nail polish I had on too.

If I had to choose a favourite? The Dany has stolen my heart. They're just so different to anything I own! As much as I love my staples, I've always been into shoes that stand out. 

x Vanessa


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