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Let's talk about this lip product...

The LipStudio Color Blur Matte Pencils are an exciting new release in Australia this month by Maybelline. They have created a dual-ended lip pencil that allows you to be your own makeup artist, with the ability to create a number of different looks with the one product.

There are 8 shades available with a selection of pinks and some definite must-have reds. There's a colour to suit any bold lip lover. The product is super creamy, very similar to the Creamy Mattes lipstick range Maybelline have brought out recently as well. The pencils apply quickly with an effortless sweep of pigment in one go.

The best thing about the Color Blur Matte Pencils is the number of ways you can wear them.
An ombre lip is my favourite, with a darker colour around the outside and a lighter one in the middle. With the formula being so creamy, the colours blend so easily through the application alone.
Next up the way these pencils were designed to be worn - the blurred effect. Applying the colour to the inner edges of the lips then using the sponge on the other end of the pencil to blur the product to the outside. When I tried this out it looked so interesting.
And lastly if you want to gloss it up, it's as easy as wearing your favourite glossy lip balm underneath and applying the pencil over the top.

My favourite shade from the range is "Orange Ya Glad", a bright orange-red that just blew me away.

Have you tried a Color Blur pencil yet?

x Vanessa



  1. This is the kind of product I've been waiting for Maybelline to come out with! They look and sound amazing. x

  2. How was the staying power?